GESTALTEN All My Animals

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> Na produkty tejto značky nemožno uplatniť zľavu. All my animals – zasmejte sa nad slonom s malým klobúčikom či mačkou s rukavicami. Kniha, ktorá vykúzli úsmev na tvári charizmatickými obrázkami veľkosti plagátov. An octopus swims next to a jar of ink with a quill pen. A friendly, brown grizzly bear stares from across the page at a beehive dripping with honey. A wise owl perches next to his prized spectacles. In All My Animals, twenty-three animals and twenty-three accessories are colorfully illustrated with attention to detail and an eye for quirky humor. The iconic vintage style of illustrator Dawid Ryski reimagines well-known animals into works of art reminiscent of classic posters. Within the captivating pages of All My Animals, one page shows the animal and, on the opposite page, sits its matching accessory. These pairings invite readers to think about the distinct personalities of a jovial cast of animal characters and to be transported to a realm where animals interact with human objects. Short poems create a narrative to engage and delight readers of any age. From tigers to crocodiles to parrots, the nuances of the animal kingdom come to life in detailed portraits, humorous connections, and engaging poems. Autor: Dawid Ryski
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GESTALTEN All My Animals

68,90 €
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